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posted March 30, 2016 in category Living in Wroclaw


Only one place like that in Poland: Wroclaw’s Botanic Garden

Spring - it does not only wake up nature, but also the citizens of Wroclaw. It is finally the time to take a long walk after the lazy winter! If you do not know yet where to go, we would happily give you a hint. The Botanic Garden is perfect for a weekend trip.

City life makes us forget sometimes that the spring has arrived. And even through Wroclaw is full of green areas and parks, if you work in the city centre, the rush will always beat the adventure. Find the new energy in you and relax in the place different than all the others. The Botanic Garden opens again on 19 March - and this place has amazed its visitors since the beginning of 19th century.

Nature full of history

It was established in 1811, and the only older Botanic Garden is in Krakow. It has been entered to the register of historical monuments of the Lower Silesia. And it is located in the oldest part of the city: partly on the area of Ostrow Tumski.  Today, this amazing place covers app. 7.5 ha and if it wasn’t for the Festung Breslau it would be full of natural treasures of the past. Unfortunately, in that time it was the military area, where bomb-shelters and the air force observatory positions were built. The pond in the middle of the Garden is the reminiscence of the river Odra branch - after 1945, the whole military arsenal was discovered there. After the damage, it took a lot of time to restore the original beauty of the Botanic Garden - fortunately, with success.

Unusual greenness of Wroclaw

Today, we can admire 11.5 thousands of plants and their varieties. 27 of them are the acknowledged natural monuments. The Garden’s alleys will guide us into the depth of the green world, and on a sunny day, it is a good idea to see the Botanic Garden from the wooden footbridge. In the Alpinario, the first snowdrops and crocuses appear in early spring, and in April it gets even more colorful. Only this section of the Garden has 1500 different types of rock plants. And if you are up to fun facts, take a look at the miniature profile of the rock layers of Walbrzych. Thanks to Panorama Natury [the panoramic of nature], you can learn the history of plants in a very interesting way. Casts of the reptile leads, mussels impressions, and even a dinosaur egg - all these treasures are waiting in Wroclaw’s Botanic Garden.
Share with us your impressions from the spring trip to that place. Did you like it and have you taken any photos? We would love to learn about your view on the city!