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posted August 27, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Where in Wroclaw should we order food delivery from?

Hard day, rainy weekend or just an empty fridge - hunger knows no mercy. And this is when ordering food delivery is especially powerful. Not only pizza, but also pierogi and sushi from Wroclaw's restaurants or even fresh, delicious coffee may appear on your table when you order online.

Wroclaw offers really good food - that’s a fact. But we should not forget that this food may almost knock on our door. And it does make a difference when a pizza would make your sport’s night perfect or when the shop and kitchen are too far away from your couch. Food delivery itself is not a novelty, but only recently the online ordering has been winning popularity thanks to portals gathering restaurants from the same area. 

All Wroclaw’s food in one place

Our domestic portal pyszne.pl (which is also available in English language) and pizzaportal.pl are especially popular among Wroclaw’s citizens. They all function in the similar way: after entering the address of delivery, you’ll see a list of suggested restaurants which can quickly deliver their food to the chosen address. Pizza, kebab, oriental cuisine or traditional Polish dishes - you can peruse all possibilities or refine your search results to one category only. This is a really good idea if you are undecided and hungry. Such portals offer also a selection of healthy options which may be important to those who are up to a light dinner. Menu, prices, delivery conditions and cost are easy to find for every restaurant suggested. One particularly interesting option is HermesCafe.pl which is coffee and meal delivery to any place in the city. Online payment is another great advantage. You don’t have to make a call or go to an ATM if you want to order food to your house or work. What is more, after you make an order, you get the information about the time of delivery.

The best food only?

Thanks to the rating system, the restaurants are not anonymous. You can just go through the clients' comments, take a look at the number of rated stars and you know what type of food quality to expect. What is more, offers of pyszne.pl and pizzaporta.pl allow you to order from your favorite places. If you have your favorite pizza in Wroclaw, you probably want to be able to eat it without leaving the house.

Online means cheaper

Ordering food delivery online has one more crucial advantage: the portals award their users with discounts. You just need to use the mobile app or follow the profile on Facebook, and you’ll get a discount. Often because of an important football game, a holiday, rainy weekend or a spontaneous decision of pyszne.pl and pizzaportal.pl's staff.
Both portals differ in their offers, but their lists of restaurants are quite similar. That is why it is always worth to put discounts and convenience of order first. On pizzaportal.pl, for instance, McDonald’s offers free delivery between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., and pyszne.pl frequently hosts contests with attractive prizes. Check them out, place your orders and share your comments!