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posted April 27, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Living in Wroclaw: from Popowice everything is at your fingertips

Search for a housing should be based on your specific needs. So if you are looking for a room or a whole flat with easy access to the city centre, and which is not located in the far-away suburbs, Popowice is your district.
Rent prices in Wrocalw, as in any other city, vary according to the location and flat’s conditions. Popowice is a district of blocks of flats inhibited mostly by students and young people who have just started their work in Wroclaw. There is also quite a lot of young families with children. The district starts at the rear of Magnolia shopping mall. Legnicka, Kwiska, Popowicka, Wejherowska, Bialowieska, Jelenia, Nedzwiedzia - these are the streets to look for in rent adds. And although the distance to the city centre seem to be long, you’ll soon learn that it’s not true.

Public Transport

This area has the best infrastructure of public transport in the whole city - there are trams and city buses which can take you literally everywhere, from Leśnica to Biskupin. Getting to the train station is a peace of cake - it takes only 16 min, if you depart in front of Magnolia, and thanks to express bus C  you’ll reach Rondo Reagana in exactly the same time. If you plan to go to Rynek - it’s only 9-10 min. Coming back to Popowice at night is also not a problem - trams pass Legnicka till late hours, and night bus lines which depart from Arkady and Rynek may be easier to catch from Plac Jana Pawła II. Here’s an important fun fact: city bus line 247 goes from Rynek to Popowice in only 8 min!

District and Its Surroundings

Blocks of flats seem funny to some people, while others find them scary, but they most definitely offer huge number of interesting flats for rent. Popowice comprises of tall, 10-storey-buildings neighboring with smaller, 4-storey-blocks. The area is peaceful and quiet, but a little weekend party here and there may shake you up. Thanks to the fact that the district is surrounded with parks and places perfect for BBQ gatherings, summer is a really special time of the year there. The so-called Polanka Popowicka attracts crowds of BBQ fans on warm days, and you can go to the park if you prefer cycling, running or sunbathing - especially that it’s so close to Odra River. Hala Orbita, which offers swimming pool in the summer and ice rink in the winter, as well as gym and fitness classes for amateurs of indoor sports, is yet another advantage of this location.

Rent Prices

Popowice is a good and wallet-friendly location. Modern flats mix with the typical rental properties. And so there is a lot of no-frills flats, but kept in good conditions.

  • PLN 950 for a studio apartment
  • PLN 1500 for a one-bedroom apartment
  • PLN 1800 for a two-bedroom apartment

If you are in search of a single room for rent, the prices start with even PLN 600. All the aforementioned prices do not include utilities (gas, electricity, water, and Internet). There are a lot of rent offers for this location, but the demand is high too. Landlords are usually trying to rent whole apartments, but you can also find a single room.