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posted July 20, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


By the rivers of Wrocław

Have you ever wondered how Wroclaw would look like without its rivers? Neither did we. Don’t be a landlubber and set off with us to an unforgettable cruise, and see Wroclaw from a different, new perspective. Ahoy!

You should remember that Wroclaw does not only mean the Odra River. Bystrzyca, Oława, Ślęza and Widawa are other, smaller rivers which pass through the city. Since it early beginnings, Wroclaw has been growing, developing and becoming special thanks to its situation. If you have already walked the city around and think it cannot surprise you with anything, change means of transport to boats. There is plenty to be discovered ahead of you. We will advise you on how to organise a cruise, rent the necessary equipment and set off - not only on the Odra River.

Cruises on Odra

Passenger boats cruise the Odra River from 15 March to 30 November. There is plenty of people who want to sail Wroclaw’s water through, especially in the spring and early summer. This is when, according to many, Wroclaw is the most beautiful.  Check if it’s true yourself. You can jump on a boat cruising the river in four different places.

Here are Wroclaw’s marinas:

  1. Marina: Kardynalska – located near Bulwar Włostowica on Wyspa Piasek

  2. Marina: Zwierzyniecka - Wróblewskiego 1, near Zwierzyniecki Bridge

  3. Marina: ZOO - Japanse Gate is located behind the Terratium, where the offices are

  4. Marina: Hala Targowa - X. Dunikowskiego Bullevard near Hala Targowa next to Panorama Racławicka

Depending on the cruise plan and boat you choose, the entry ticket is PLN 15 to 22. All the details regarding ticket types, prices and discounts are available here: http://www.statekpasazerski.pl/cennik-rejsy-wroclaw.html Do you need more encouragement?

Discover the river on your own

So, you’re an individualist? You don’t want others to make decisions for you? It’s not surprising. Don’t depend on others and organize your own cruise! Due to the opportunity of kayak rent, you can explore not only the Odra River, but also other Wroclaw’s waters: Bystrzyca, Oława, Ślęza i Widawa. Which route to choose? Your imagination is your limit, Capitan. Getting the equipment is easier than you might think. Here are some companies which lend kayaks and organize kayaking trips: http://www.wroclaw.pl/wypozyczalnie-sprzetu-wodnego