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posted July 2, 2015


World’s Cuisines: Georgia

World’s cuisines is the cycle of articles thanks to which you will learn about the most characteristic dishes of particular countries. But that’s not all. We will advise you on where to find restaurants in Wroclaw where you can try all that dainties

Word’s Cuisines part I Georgia

Georgia means great wine, loud and long toasts, Caucasus, Katie Melua, and delicious cuisine. This country is located in Asia, in Southern Caucasus. Subtropical climate which dominates there allows for growing olives, palm trees, citrus fruit, pomegranates, tomatoes and the over-popular auergine. Winegrowing has been practiced for ages all over Georgia. Their wines, such as „Saperawi”, „Tshwantshkara”, „Kindzmarauli”, „Cinandali” czy „Mukuzani” are appreciated in the whole world. Apart from wine, Georgia is famous for one other alcoholic beverage - Tsha-Tsha - vodka made of grapes.

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine comprises mostly traditional dishes. Despite changing culinary trends, Georgian specialties remain the same. In their culinary culture we can find lost of starters and snacks, but soups are not very popular. Georgian dishes include mainly vegetables, cheeses combined with many dishes, diverse meats and... a lot of wineJ. At the abundantly supplied table, Georgians poure wine and make long and genuine toasts. This type of feast is called ‘supra’ in Georgian.


The commonly known signature dish of Georgia is khachapuri - a type of yeast doe, similar to pizza, a cheese pie with different ingredients. Another regional snack is stuffed aubergine - badrigani. Mould ripened cheeses, dambali and khatshoto are yet another dainties.

As a main course, Georgians serve tshinkali - a type of large dumplig with meat or soup stuffing and mutton shashlik sprinkled with spices called mcwadi.

As a desert, they usually eat fruit: figs, sweet organges, persimmon and peaches. Apart from fruit, a nut strung on a thread and glazed with sweet grape juice is yet another typical dessert.

Georgia in Wroclaw

Gruzińskie Chaczapuri Food&Wine - Kiełbaśnicza 7
The most famous Georgian restaurant in Wroclaw. It is located in the very heart of the city and offers almost all traditional dishes of Georgian cuisine, such as khachapuri imereti, eggplant rolls with nuts, Sulguni cheese, tshartsho soup, tolma and tshinkali. Average price for dinner for two is app. PLN 80. Their wine cart is also worth examining as it comprises many traditional flavors and bouquets.

U Gruzina - Curie-Skłodowskiej 3a
Geogrian style fast food bar. Their great advantage is the fact that a their owner and cook is GeorgianJ We can try such dishes as khachapuri (different types), lobiani and meat kubdari in a really attractive price (starting with PLN 6!). Portions are enormous, but the food is delicious. Although the menu is short, we believe that the simpler the better and U Gruzina gives us a taste of the original Georgian cuisine. We strongly recommend giving it a try.

Some variations on Georgian cuisine are also served in Gryz.li,  Białoskórnicza 17/18/1 and in Restauracja Kres on Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19.