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posted October 1, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 2] Get your head around the city - the map

What is the best place to live in Wroclaw? This is the first question which appears just before we start looking for an apartment. It is always convenient to live in the vicinity of... of what exactly: your workplace, the Main Square, university, pubs? Each of the Wroclaw’s districts has its advantages, but the one which meets your expectations best should be your winner in this contest.
Every district in Wroclaw has its unique charm: some are full of green areas, others attracts their residents with student parties and events, or simply due to the well-developed infrastructure and public transport. What is specific to each part of the city? Here is a handful of useful information and Renting Zone's map of Wroclaw! Search for public transport with Jak Dojade.



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The area around Bema’s Square is very popular among the employees of the all-famous Google and among the students of the University of Wroclaw. It takes only a short walk to get to the Main Square and to Grunwald, and every tram there can take us to Galeria Dominikańska shopping centre and to the train station. Śródmieście comprises mainly tenement houses and infill buildings. But you can always relax in the green and quiet Tołpa’s Park or in the Botanic Garden. Usually, the majority of housing offers appears for buildings located on the following streets: Jedności Narodowej, Nowowiejska, Słowniańska, and Wyszyńskiego. This is a perfect localization for all those who enjoy the atmosphere of a large city, like to spend evenings with friends, but also appreciate proximity to workplace, as they don’t want to waste time on long commuting.
Advantages: close proximity to the Main Square and all the main attractions of the city, as well as to Wyspa Słodowa. It means living in the central part of the city with good access to all its other quarters.


This is the name of the largest district of Wroclaw which comprises the whole south of the city. As a result, it ensures good access to the city centre, especially if you choose to live in the vicinity of the Powstańców Śląskich Street - each tram there takes you to the centre. Employees of HP, multinationals occupying the Aquarius building, and students of Wroclaw University of Economics should start perusing offers for housings located there. The choice is wide: form historical villas, through typical blocks of flats, to modern residential areas. You can find a place to live in a quiet neighborhood (e.g. on Przyjaźni or Krzycka Streets) in a reasonable price. It takes only 15-20 min to get to Krzyki transportation joint. Areas around Armii Krajowej Street are mostly developed with blocks of flats, but these are full of young people, who will most certainly appear to be good company. In this district, we can also find international schools for children.
Advantages: cycling lanes to the city centre, green areas like Południowy Park, good public transport infrastructure and wide range of housing opportunities in good prices.

Magical Fabryczna

The undoubted queen of connection with the city centre is Fabryczna, or actually Legnicka Street. Szczepin, Popowice, Kozanów are residential districts famous for their numerous accommodation offers and... easy, convenient access to any other location in the city. City buses and 6 trams go through Legnicka Street, so there is nothing easier than getting to the Market Square form there, and coming back at night is much faster form Plac Jana Pawła II square. Getting form Magnolia to the very centre of the city takes only 10 min. What is more, from there, you can also travel easily to the castle in Legnica, to see a football game in the City Stadium, to the Zoo, to the train station, or Capitol Theatre. The same applies to Grabiszyńska Street and its vicinity. There, you can rent a studio apartment in good price and thanks to the numerous trams and buses get quickly to Muchobór, Kozanów, Grunwald, and the Main Square. The closer to Plac Legionów square, the easier it is to quit using public transport: it takes only 10 min form there to walk to Plac Solny square. Fabryczna is a perfect place for students of Wroclaw University (convenient access to Karłowice, to the Department of Social Sciences, for Nokia employees and IBM).
Advantages: each tram or bus goes through the city centre, cycling lanes along the whole Legnicka street, great lanes for rollerblading, parks, swimming pools, local pubs, Magnolia shopping centre, Kaufland hypermarkets, Tesco, Lidl, Biedronka supermarkets.

Student’s Grunwald

Grunwald is especially popular among the students of Wroclaw University, Wroclaw University of Technology, and Wroclaw University of Environment and Life Sciences. This is the real student area in the city, not only due to the numerous dorms located there. It’s really close to the Main Square, Ostrów Tumski and Wyspa Słodowa island, so you can get there on foot. There is also the biggest transportation joint of Wroclaw: Rondo Regana roundabout, where trams and buses from all over the city meet. Employees of HP in Grunwaldzki Center or VOLVO, 3M or PPG in Kwidzyńska Street can choose form the wide range of offers: from the housings of green Sępolno and prestigious Biskupin, to the historical villas near Plac Grunwaldzki square.
Advantages: convenient access to any other part of the city, close proximity to academic centers, young and party-like atmosphere of the student dorms, green areas: Pergola with Centennial Hall, Szczytnicki Part, Zoo, and walls on the Odra river. There are also many interesting pubs and coffees with good food and beer in student-friendly prices.

Green, peaceful and quiet

Versatility is one of the greatest advantages of Wroclaw. It is easy to find an apartment in the city center, close to shops and malls, as well as a peaceful and quiet housing, far from the typical city buzz. You can find such a place on the Wielka Wyspa island, in Sępolno and Biskupin. Zacisze, just behind the student's paradise of Grunwald, is also a quiet place, where you can enjoy living in a  private villa or a small tenement house surrounded with green areas, which may be a great choice for those who like to relax after busy time at work. Although rent prices are usually a bit higher than in other parts of the city, they do reflect the comfort of living. And the most important: access to the very Biskupin is not a problem. Trams form Leśnica, Grabiszyńska, Downtown, and Krzyki - Grunwald, pass by every few minutes. Car traffic from the side of Hala Stulecia, isn’t usually very high (unless there are construction works in progress), and bikers can use biking lanes located there. Access to Zacisze is equally easy: there are trams form the side of Olympic Stadium, and city buses on Kochanowskiego Street (coming from the areas of Bielany).
Advantages: historical buildings, beautiful and large apartments - definitely a prestigious part of the city, convenient access to the city center. Green areas are more inviting to practicing sports, and you can find there tennis courts, football pitches, and basketball and volleyball fields.
Just think of what you care about the most before you start looking for a housing. Proximity to work is not always essential, after all, what you engage in after it is important too. However, saving time on commuting may influence what you plan to do in the evenings. So, maybe it is worth to adjust the location to your lifestyle?

Author: Adrian Krawczyk