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posted April 29, 2014 in category Party hard


Win free beers! - Good Beer Festival is comming soon!

Good Beer Festival is a great celebration of beer fans. Every year, it attracts more and more foreigners. This is the event you cannot miss! On the occasion of the Festival, we have organized a competition for all our friends - you can win beer vouchers and unique Festival glasses! Want to win? Find out how!

Good Beer Festival is an exceptional event - and although as its name suggests, its main focus is on beer, the Organizers prepare more and more additional attractions every year. Here is what awaits you this time:

  • over 350 unique beer styles, 
  • dainties of regional cuisine and cook shows,
  • tasting of home-made beer and demonstration of how to brew it,
  • 13 concerts on the main music scene of the Festival,
  • debates on beer and its history in different countries,
  • contests for prizes.


Meet other beerheadz from around the world!

This year, we are a proud partner of the Festival and we avail ourselves of this opportunity to prepare a special place for you - International Zone. Drop by and have a glass of fine beverage and a taste of delicious food with us. You will have a chance to meet fans of good beer from other countries, and we will be happy to advise you on your beer choices. You can find our Zone marked on the Festival map, which you will receive at the entrance to the Festival. Also there you can pick up your prizes if you win.

Win free beer and fancy festival glasses!

We all like winning - especially if beer is the prize... Take part in our Beer, Myself & I contest! We are going to choose 5 winners who will get beer vouchers of PLN 50 and entry tickets to the fantastic home-made beer tasting! In addition to that, as beer requires good company, our winners will receive unique Festival Teku glasses. Contest terms and conditions are here.


How to get all that?


1. Like our Facebook profile - Living in Wroclaw

2. Take an awesome photo of you with your favorite beer

3. Post in on your wall (has to be public) with the title: „Don’t worry! Beer Happy! I am @Living in Wroclaw #beermeup"

Don’t hesitate as beer gets warm… :( Here you can find terms and conditions of the contest, and our FB event. Don’t forget to invite your friends!

We count on our meeting in Wroclaw’s City Stadium on May, 9-11.  We know that beer fans and those who have already had a chance to attend the Good Beer Festival do not need additional encouragement - they will all be there.

That is why I would like to invite especially those who did not experience the event yet, and those who continue to believe that they don’t like beer. You DO like it - trust me. You just need more research.


Author: Adrian Krawczyk

Join the event on Facebook and invite your friends! Send a photo to our contest - more info here!