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Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 10] - 6 places you can't miss [MOVIE]

world most dating site Many claim that the most beautiful areas of Wroclaw are located in its south. Take a look at Park Południowy, Park Grabiszyński, the historical Wieża Ciśnień [water tower] on Wiśniowa Street, or the Horse-Racing Courses Partynice and you’ll know how easy it is to fall in love with them. ...


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 8] - Visit Slodowa Island [MOVIE]

go here Want to feel the young vibe of the city? Slodowa Island is a perfect place for it. Endless picnics, parties and performances! That’s the place where you’ll never be bored. 

source posted June 24, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


Romance in the center of the city [MOVIE]

enter Searching for a place to spend the evening? Craving a unique atmosphere, beautiful views and romantic vibe? We know where to find it! Ostrow Tumski is the oldest part of Wroclaw - you can't miss it!

source url posted June 17, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


Midsummer Night - know Demons of Ancient Slavs

para conocer hombres solteros Beginning of the summer is the time to get acquainted with primeval Polish customs. The Midsummer Parade with large marionettes and stilt walkers, traditional wreaths plaiting workshop, exhibitions about old Slavonic ceremonies, energizing concerts of folk, ethno, and world music bands, and the &ldquo ...

source url posted May 28, 2014 in category Discovering Wroclaw


What in Wroclaw has over 100 years and we all love it? [MOVIE]

Visiting cultural attractions or just a nice, relaxing time-spending? Why not both? There is a place in Wroclaw, where the World Heritage meets cool atmosphere! Read more to find out where it is, and why to go there…

posted May 15, 2014 in category Wroclaw Through Foreign Eyes


The Italian man who went to Wroclaw

From sunny Italia to wintery Wroclaw – is this a shocking change? Not really, since we have here such a great Italian community. Salvatore has already started his Polish adventure, so we asked him a few questions about how it is going. Check out where you can get a real Italian pizza and what ...

posted May 6, 2014 in category Party hard


TOP 10 beers you must try at Good Beer Festival – by Renting Zone and Zakład Usług Piwnych

Beer, beer, beer... Good Beer Festival is just around the corner. We all count days to May, 9th impatiently! In the meantime, together with our friends form Zakład Usług Piwnych, we have chosen the top 10 of the most interesting beers you really have to try! And the choice was not an easy one, since ...

posted April 14, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


Make life easier in Wroclaw

Not everybody knows that you can have your formalities handled in Wroclaw. Red tape is not scary anymore – thanks to the InfoLink team. They will help you deal with all important official matters. Learn how to face Polish office institutions easily.

posted March 27, 2014 in category Wroclaw Through Foreign Eyes


American link to Poland

He lives in Wroclaw, likes kaszanka and makes great promotion to one of the popular local bars. Jim Williams told us about his performances, his favorite places in Lower Silesia's capital city, if clown is a funny person, and what you shouldn’t know about Polish traditional food.