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posted November 17, 2015 in category Renting Zone's Guide to Wroclaw


Enjoy Wroclaw! [Part 10] - 6 places you can't miss [MOVIE]

Many claim that the most beautiful areas of Wroclaw are located in its south. Take a look at Park Południowy, Park Grabiszyński, the historical Wieża Ciśnień [water tower] on Wiśniowa Street, or the Horse-Racing Courses Partynice and you’ll know how easy it is to fall in love with them. Check it out yourself - go South!

Horse-Racing Courses Partynice

The locals need no further introductions – sport excitement, large, green areas and unique atmosphere make it a popular place for the weekend trips or walks. The horse-racing course was commissioned in 1907. Fascinating races are organized each year, and the most important ones are: Wielka Wrocławska, Wielka Partynicka (steeplechase), and the 3 races for the horses no older than 3 years old – so-called ‘gonitwy płaskie’. If you decide to visit the south of Wroclaw, you cannot miss this place!


Park Południowy [Southern Park]

This is one of the most beautiful parks in Wroclaw - it is registered as a landscape park of unique design and composition. There are over 100 different plants growing there. Park Południowy, in contrast to all the others, was created on the basis of the design of Hugo Richter and Ferdinand Cohn.

It is now a trademark of the city and the most popular place for walks among the locals. In the park, there is a particularly beautiful pond with the fountain. Before the WWII, there was also a very fancy restaurant, which does not exist anymore, but you can see its photos here.

fot. dolny-slask.org.pl


Park Garbiszyński [Grabiszynski Park]

It is very different than the Southern Park - it resembles more of a forest than an actual park, and is the Mecca for the runners, but not only for them. It is situated on the old cemetery area, and you can still find some traces of what was located here before the park was created. So while resting in Grabiszyński Park, it is worth to reflect for a moment and to see Pomnik Wspólnej Pamięci [The Monument of Common Memory]. There is also a hill with the military cemetery of Polish soldiers, with amazing view on Wroclaw and surrounding areas.

Wieża Ciśnień, the Church of St. Augustine...

But not only the parks are to be fund In the southern part of Wroclaw – it is impossible to miss the historical Wieża Ciśnień located on Wiśniowa Street, on top of which you can enjoy a really pleasant restaurant.

The white Church of St. Augustine is jet another ‘must-see’ in the south of Wroclaw. It is located on Sztabowa Street and it is now very difficult to even imagine the panorama of this part of the city without the unique tower of the church.

Sky Tower

Sky Tower has become the new symbol of the city. It is not only the shopping centre, offices and luxurious apartments…. On the top of the highest residential building in Wroclaw there is also a spectator terrace. And the view is breathtaking! See the sunset against the panorama of Wroclaw and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!
Southern Wroclaw has still so much more to offer. What do YOU like the most? The parks and green areas, historical monuments, or maybe the horse-racing courts? I am sure that there is a perfect entertainment for everyone. Or maybe you’ve already fallen in love with this part of the city and you are dreaming about living there? We can’t say we find it surprising… and what is more, we would be very happy to help you in fulfilling that dream. Check out the rent offers here