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posted July 13, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


The Klodzko Valley – a superb idea for a summer trip

Wroclaw is a dreamed starting point for the amateurs of the mountain landscapes. So if you feel like you need a short holiday, plan a trip to the picturesque Klodzko Valley – even just for a weekend. The easiest access is by car, but you can also reach Klodzko by train.
The Klodzko Valley is the heart of the Middle Sudeten Mountains. For most of us, it brings to mind Klodzko – a historical city surrounded by the mountains. It is located only 100 km from Wroclaw, which means that you can get there within a 1.5-hour-drive. The city is special because of its long history – it drew attention of the chroniclers in 10th century. What is especially interesting, it kept its urban structure from Middle Ages till now, so you should prepare yourself for a little time travel. Klodzko is full of historical monuments, with a bastion fortress, a well-preserved defense structure from 17th century, and a late gothic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose construction started in 14th century. A gothic bridge on Mlynowka River from 13th and early 14th centuries and the Church of St. George and St. Adalbert are also worth visiting. The city is unique also because of the nature. Not only it is located in the mountains, but also it is full of green areas: there are 6 parks there!

Just like in Tyrol
If you enjoy sightseeing cities of long history, Miedzygorze should be your next stop. This city is special because of its wooden architecture: it was supposed to become a resort similar to the ones in Tyrol. Beautiful villas are the reminiscence of the 19th century architecture. This city is also a great starting point for a mountain hike – for example, to the Wliczka Waterfall, the second highest in Sudeten.
Alpine switchbacks
One of the most beautiful sightseeing trails starts in the Klodzko Valley. So if you plan to visit Kudowa-Zdroj, make sure that you choose Droga Stu Zakretow [“the Road of a Hundred Curves’”], constructed in 19th century. It leads to the highest parts of Stolowe Mountains, near Bledne Skaly and Strzeliniec. It connects Kudowa and Radkow, and the highest part of the road is on 790 m above the see level.
Landscapes from the movie set
The Klodzko Valley is famous mostly for its breathtaking views, walking paths in parks and woods, and hiking traits for the mountain lovers. There are many truly unique places there, such as Bledne Skaly, which is one of the most beautiful rock town in Poland. Did you know that Andrew Adamson shot there here the second part of the “Chronicles of Narnia” movie? You can reach this place through Droga Stu Zakretow. Szczeliniec is a mountain from a fairytale – flat as a table. It is the highest top of Stolowe Mountains [„Table Mountains”]. Once you reach it, you can see the Klodzko Valley in all its glory – from an amazing viewing terrace.
It is best to choose a car for your trip, as that is the easiest way to reach all those great places. If you decide to take a train, that is also a good idea. You will get to Klodzko in 2-2.5 hours, and from there you will be able to find transport to all the other cities you plan to visit.