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posted April 14, 2016 in category Discovering Wroclaw


When you are striving for some classy entertainment...

You have to check out Narodowe Forum Muzyki [the National Forum of Music]. This place is not only dedicated to experts, but to everyone who loves beautiful sounds. Such depth in music can be found only here - also thanks to the unique architecture. It is a really good idea to plan an artistic evening with beautiful music in the background.
Witold Lustoslawski’s National Forum of Music is a new place on the cultural map of Wroclaw. It was established on 22 May 2014. They host international music events relating to history, such as Wratislavia Cantans Festival, Jazztopad, Musica Polonica Nova, Musica Electronica Nova, Forum Musicum, Leo Festival and Singing Europe. It also plays and important role in the events of European Capital of Culture 2016: Budapest Festival Orchestra is their special guest in March. In their spring repertoire, we can also find a concert of Matt Dusk - the successor of Frank Sinatra, or of Dianne Reeves during the “Jazz and music of the world”, and many amazing symphonic concerts. Click here to follow the updates: http://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/en/

Sightseeing the National Forum of Music

It is really worth keeping an eye on the NFM repertoire and sightseeing their venue. Apart from the unique musical experiences, you can also get astonished by the interesting architecture. The building has modern acoustic solutions which make the whole venue particularly fascinating. The visiting tours in the building are organized a few times a month. NFM comprises four concert halls, one of them for 1800 people. In the six-storey-building there are rehearsal halls, a recording studio,  and the exhibition area. National Forum of Music covers almost 50,000 sq. m.! This large building is impressive also from the outside.


Ticket prices vary, depending on type and concert.  But the prices start from PLN 20. A symphonic concert is an expense of about PLN 30-80, depending on the type of ticket. The are discounts for students and pregnant women, and children up to 4 years of age enter for free.  There is also a discount for the holders of Euro26 card.