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posted April 30, 2015 in category Living in Wroclaw


Fun in Wroclaw? - Laser Tag

This time we would like to offer you a Matrix-style entertainment. There are places in Wroclaw where you can play paintball with lasers - Laser Tag. You just have to gather a group of people and... that’s about all you have to do. All the equipment and precious instructions are provided on site.

What’s the game about?

Laser Tag means suitable armor and battle field. When you enter the game, you receive a rifle and a tactical vest (armor), equipped with hit detectors. After a short demonstration of how to use the equipment, you enter a dark, underground labyrinth, where the game begins. The teems are gathered in their ‘bases’ at the opposite ends of the labyrinth. When you get hit by your opponent, your vest beams with the color of a given team. Then, you are temporarily excluded from the game and have to ‘activate’ again in a given time, or after returning to your base.

Laser Tag vs. Paintball

The scenery of Laser Tag is a great advantage - it takes you to the laser world of science-fiction. Although there is more game space when you play Paintball, the whole atmosphere of Laser Tag lies in the clutter of tunnels. And one more important suggestion - Laser Tag does not hurt and does not smudge your clothes, just as Paintball does.

Where do we play?

Kwatera Główna –  Sienkiewicza Street No. 8a; http://www.kwateraglowna.pl/
Zona 71 – ul. Fabryczna Street No. 14; http://www.zona71.pl/