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Tea o'clock! Where to have a good tea in Wroclaw?

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http://beerbourbonbacon.com/?niokis=brazilian-online-dating-sites&167=75 The tradition of drinking tea is not so popular in Poland as it is in China or in Great Britain. Nevertheless, there are more and more teahouses appearing here. We start to appreciate the fact that tea is healthy, it warms us up (especially during the winter time), and its most pleasant property - the social side to it.

City Center serves tea

http://drybonesinthevalley.com/?tyiuds=forex-coupon-code K2 is a teahouse hidden in the very centre of Wroclaw, on Kiełbaśnicza Street no. 2. Cozy interior and overwhelming scent of tea really encourage us to get inside. In the daytime, we can rest there with a book and listen to the music. But in the evening, K2 changes into the meeting point.

go to link Kalaczakra on  Kuźnicza Street no. 29 is a very unique and interesting place. Its interior design reminds us of a long travel to India and Tibet, with the repeating symbol of mandala - kalachakra. The clients and happy, calm... and often dressed like yogis or even monks. You will also find there a number of students and ‘regular’ people. And the menu includes tea, coffee, chocolate and cakes.

On  Białoskórniczna Street no. 7, there is http://orpheum-nuernberg.de/?bioede=handeln-mit-bin%C3%A4ren-optionen-legal&2ee=cf Czajownia. This is a place where we can try teas from plantations from all over the world and also... smoke a pipe. All in a nice, homelike atmosphere.

http://leitensoftware.de/?rrte=partnersuche-kostenlos-in-meiner-n%C3%A4he&ff8=57 Herbaciany Świat Chin [Tea World of China] is a teahouse where the time stopped. It’s quite a large shop, furnished in Chinese style and run by Asians. They offer a few types of tea to choose from and food. This your place when you are up to reading a book.

Bubble tea

We will not find a lot of teahouses outside the Main Square area. Teas and coffee are available is shopping malls. But there is one interesting place to check out - http://asiabettors.com/?prestiee=site-de-rencontre-femme-mariee&d1b=c3 Bubble Twisted Tea in Magnolia Shopping Mall. You can create your own tea there and include some ingredients which pop in your mouth J. You can also try their smoothies and frozen yogurts.

http://ligaspanyol.net/?mikroskop=site-de-rencontre-et-mariage-au-canada&9ba=94 Author: Ewa Gumowska