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posted June 5, 2014 in category Living in Wroclaw


Great news for all food lovers – Europe on fork Food Festival coming soon!

A four-day feast during which we will  be able to try treats form over a dozen of European regions, including Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, starts on June, 4th. This year, the festival is all about strawberries and asparagus. Yum!

The most delicious event in Wroclaw

This years’s festival offers dishes from more than 16 regions of Europe. Real treats from Andalusia, Tyrol, or Moravian cuisine… in other words – something yummy for everyone. You will also be able to buy products of the local manufacturers, as the food fair takes place together with the festival. And since food is not everything, we will be able to ‘rinse’ it with something special - fine beer form the breweries of Lower Silesia. All that comprises an accompanying event in Browar Mieszczański.

Culinary education

If your culinary skills are limited to putting toasts into the toaster and boiling eggs (hard), the Europe on Fork Festival can change your approach to cooking.

At the festival, you will be given a chance to learn e.g. how to bake bread during one of the workshops. The owners of each culinary stand will also share their knowledge on cooking and preparing dishes from their regions.

4-8 of June – the fair

The food fair starts on Wednesday at 10.00. The stands will offer mostly the ‘stars’ of the festival - ecological strawberries and asparagus from the Lower Silesia. It will be possible to buy ready-made dishes which are served during the festival. The fair lasts till Sunday.

June, 6th – madness?

Friday is the day of strawberry and asparagus madness, so we can count on:

  • methods of mixing of the two products,
  • sample dishes,
  • preparing jelly jams,
  • chefs’ helpful tips.

Apart form the food-related attractions, there will be concerts, contests with prizes, and the competition of master chefs.

June, 7th - European feast

The feast commences with the march of chefs on Wroclaw’s Main Square. Then, after taking their positions on culinary stands, they will serve regional dishes. The stands are divided in accordance with the European regions, and one region often comprises a number of European countries. And, of course, there will be traditional dishes of Lower Silesia.

Let’s celebrate!

Food, drinks, tastings, concerts, contests and the feast. Do you really need more encouragement?

Author: Ewa Gumowska