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  1. What is the total cost of housing rent and how high is the commission for our services?

    Thanks to us you will learn about the total rent expenses.

    They usually comprise:

    1. A rent payable monthly to the owner, which is a fixed amount defined in the tenancy agreement e.g. 1,800 PLN.
    2. Bills for utilities - water, electricity, gas, etc. These costs are calculated monthly depending on their usage. In some cases, the owners include these costs into a fixed rent payment.
    3. Safety deposit - returnable payment charged to cover possible damage to the housing. Its amount is described in the agreement and usually equals the amount of one rent payment. Safety deposit is returned to the tenant in its full amount, when the tenancy period is over. It cannot be accounted for the last month's rent.
  2. What type of documents do I need in order to rent an apartment?

    In order to conclude the tenancy agreement, you need an identification document with a photograph, most preferably passport. If you do not have one, it may be also a different identification document, as long as it contains your address of residence. If you decide to perform a distance rent of housing, you will have to send a scan of the document.

  3. Is it necessary for me to be in Poland for the housing rent?

    No, it is not. You can perform all formalities before you come to Poland.

    Distance rent comprises 2 steps:

    1. Choose an apartment on our website, or fill in the form, and we will find the offer that suits you best.
    2. Fill in the reservation agreement and we will make sure that the flat will be wait for your arrival.

    We guaranty 100% safety - we are a licensed Real Estate Agency, license no. 8111.

  4. I don't know the city - how to choose the best place for me?

    Don't worry - we will help you find an apartment in the most convenient location. We also have studied and worked abroad, so we know what is important and what to pay special attention to. We know Wrocław very well and we will be happy to help - just let us know where do you study or work, and how far form the city centre you want to live. We will choose the apartment, whose location will enable you to get to know the city and not to spend much time in public transport.

  5. I am only interested in renting a room. Who will I share the apartment with?

    Our offers include only the rent of whole housings. You can select your roommates on Facebook, and SpeedRenting event. If you are only looking for a room, check out individual offers  here.

  6. How long does my tenancy agreement last?

    This is one of the issues you have to agree on with the housing owner. Usually, the tenancy agreement covers the whole period of your stay in Poland. We can find an apartment in Wrocław where you can stay as long as you wish.

  7. When should I pay the commission?

    If you are in Poland, the commission is payable in the day of tenancy agreement conclusion.

    If you decide on a distance renting of the apartment, you have to pay the commission together with the reservation payment upon booking the housing. 

  8. How do I pay the commission?

    It may be paid in cash or via bank transfer.

    If you decide on a money transfer, please make sure to have the confirmation statement with you for the tenancy agreement conclusion.

  9. Do I have to enter into the reservation agreement?

    No, it is not obligatory. However, it is worth to have this document. It is your guarantee that the housing will be waiting for your arrival.

    You won't have to stay in the hotel and look for an apartment when you get to Wroclaw.

  10. How do I know that the apartment's conditions are the same as presented in the offer?

    We are a licensed Real Estate Agency, you can trust us. Each apartment is check by our representative before it is included to our list. We care for your comfort and good opinion.

  11. I am looking for an apartment together with my friends - is the commission payable by each of us?

    No. If you rent an apartment together with somebody else, the payment is shared between you

  12. Apart form making a request for you to look for a housing for me, should I take care of anything else?

    Just of your ticket to Poland. Leave all the rest to us. We will find the best apartment, complete all the arrangements with the owner and provide you with the best offer. If you decide to conclude the reservation agreement and make all the necessary payments, you may be sure that the apartment will be prepared for your arrival.

  13. I have to leave Poland earlier. Can I terminate the tenancy agreement?

    Of course. Termination notice period is usually negotiated individually with the owner, while concluding the tenancy agreement. It is usually 1 to 3 months long.