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Tower of Babel - International meetings

Kotlarska 42

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International multilingual meetings in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere :)
  • source url You are new to Wroclaw and want to make friends

  • se desabonner de rencontres hard You have been living here for a while but are still facing difficulties to get to know people from outside of work?

  • rencontre gay millionaire You know Wroclaw like the back of your hand and want to share that knowledge with others?

  • You like international atmosphere and meeting people from other countries and cultures?

  • You want to practise your English, Polish, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Finnish, Indian, Turkish... and more? 

  • You simply like meeting great people and having a good time? 

Well, hey! You don't need to be a perfect match. Every single reason is a good reason. And if you know others - pop in and let us know! :)

Website: Tower of Babel Wroclaw

Free entrance, every Thursday, starting at 7:00pm at Chopper Bar, ul. Kotlarska 42

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Living in Wroclaw

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